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Big Legs by Bodyweight
Taught By Daniel Vadnal
Calisthenics Expert, Physiotherapist and YouTube Influencer
Daniel Vadnal
"Due to being unable to lift weights, I created a program to build muscle without barbells or dumbbells.

Limitless Legs added size to my legs while my upper body was injured."
What is Limitless Legs?
Limitless Legs is a self-paced calisthenics workout for growing BIGGER LEGS.

Think about it like this...
→ Workout anywhere, anytime
→ No equipment needed
→ Viewable on all your devices

You'll never be asked if you've skipped leg day again.
How does Limitless Legs work?
The entire training program is available the moment you complete your registration.
Train at Your Own Pace
Enough exercises and workouts to last you 12 months. We explain how to easily structure your workouts regardless if you train your legs one, two, or three times a week.
Full Video Library and Exercise Guide
The training portal contains a full video library, coaching you through all the exercises with perfect form to maximize muscle gain. Using resistance bands is also covered, teaching you how to use them to make limitless progression.
Mobile and Tablet Friendly
The Limitless Legs system has been optimized for mobile and tablet, making it your perfect companion when you want to train your legs on-the-go.

Review and Revisit as Much as You Like
Once you’ve purchased Limitless Legs, the course will be permanently available for you to access, including any future updates.
The Limitless Legs Video Portal
Limitless Legs consists of six unique workouts, tailored for all strength levels.
Each training guide is designed to build mass with body weight. 
01 | Warmup
Prepare the body before working out to minimize risk of injury and maximize performance.

02 | Quads
Hit this muscle from a variety of angles with seven different exercises.

03 | Hamstrings and Glutes
To achieve the true growth potential these muscles MUST be worked differently.

04 | Calves
Blast this stubborn muscle group with four demonstrated exercises. 

The Limitless Legs Written Guide
As an added bonus, Limitless Legs also includes a written guide designed to help you make the most of your legs training. The following topics are covered:
01 | How you must train the legs when using only bodyweight exercises compared to lifting weights.
02 | Key muscle building principles to apply for continued muscular growth.
03 | How to maximize your leg training structure for long-term progress.
Daniel has created this system with over a decade of experience researching bodyweight fitness. He is currently in high-demand as a Physiotherapist while also teaching bodyweight workshops all over Australia.

A lack of information about bodyweight leg exercises inspired Daniel to build a comprehensive A-Z training program. This blueprint outlines what it takes to grow your legs.

The knowledge and results are yours for life.

Daniel’s passion is to transform people’s lives by providing free educational content. See for yourself!
Want to know something? Daniel still applies key principles from Limitless Legs in his own program and teachings. 
Daniel loves the ability to train anywhere, anytime and knows that bodyweight exercises are the major contributing factor to his physique. Plus, it allows him to continue building muscle while on holidays or even without access to a gym.

People often think they can’t build big legs using only bodyweight exercises without a gym membership. However, the ones that stuck with it didn’t all start out with massive looking legs. Most will tell you themselves, their legs were once skinny. 

Why continue to live with legs that you are not happy with? The results will be addictive - never shy away from wearing shorts ever again. 
Daniel - 1 year progress
Sze - 12 Week Progress
" I've been enjoying the possibilities of lower body training using only bodyweight exercises. My legs definitely feel stronger than before I started"


"Overall I'm extremely pleased with the results and it further solidifies my belief that bodyweight exercise can be just as good if not even better than other forms of training out there."
Before:                                                            After:
        Left Quad: 22.5 inches                             Left Quad: 23 inches                   Right Quad: 22 inches                             Right Quad: 22.75 inches
Nuno - 5 Week Progress
"Here is my small progress from 5 weeks. I started the program with 71kg and now I'm on 68.4kg.


I don't change anything I'm the program, I don't add any compound exercises, I just stick to the program 3 times a week.
Daniel's Story:
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Limitless Legs suitable for complete beginners?
Yes. The exercises and workout routines are all scalable to meet the ability level of beginners and is adjustable as you get bigger.  

Is nutrition covered in Limitless Legs?
No. Daniel is an expert in strength training, he is not a nutrition specialist.

I’ve heard bodyweight leg exercises are not difficult enough for building size, is this true?
No. Knowing how to increase exercise difficulty through changes in technique provide ample stimulus for growth; this is covered extensively in Limitless Legs. 

Will the exercises in Limitless Legs improve my squat and deadlift numbers?
Yes. Due to the exercises in the program increasing stability and addressing asymmetry between sides, weak links will be strengthened, improving performance and decreasing injury risk.

Is stretching covered?
The focus of the program is activating the body to meet the demands of the workout to come, contrary to developing non-useable passive flexibility. The warmup system provides movements which yield lasting increases in range of motion. 

"Never be unhappy with your skinny legs again"
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